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The Patent Link Building Technique

"The Patent Link Technique" is one of the most successful and effective link building techniques. It is one of the most underused approaches to obtain links from any industry and can lead to many links.

So how to generate backlinks from patents?

Firstly, you need to find new discoveries and scientific advancements within your industry and then create an article about it and publish it to your site. If correctly explained, with great detail, this will attract a number of links that can multiply your site’s traffic. 

To get started, simply repeat these steps:

Where to find patents

Visit https://scholar.google.com/ and search for some industry keywords in the search bar (ie: furniture, leather, etc).

How to find patents

On the left sidebar, click "Include Patents" and "Since 2022". This will display all the biggest new developments within your industry. For many industries, you can even search for the previous year. 

Choosing a patent

Choose an interesting patent or scientific study/advancement and then write an article fully explaining it in simple English. This will need to be published on your site. 

Try to use clickbait titles where possible as this will produce better results. 

Example: Rather than "Faux Leather Proves Better Than Real Leather", you may use  "New Super Cheap Faux Leather Product Feels Exactly Like Leather Last 10X Longer" as you will instantly see the results from this, particularly if you want to be attracting links. 

Images are also important, and of course, don’t forget to credit the original patent/study. 

Sharing your patent post

Go on Reddit and find the best sub-reddit for your industry and share your articles there. You could also try and get it into various Facebook groups and hammer it on Twitter to various hash tags.

If your title is strong, you will receive thousands of visitors almost immediately. Sharing and posting on relevant social media groups will also work well. 

Reap your rewards

After a few days, bigger news outlets will start to cover your story. Large publication writers and editors will see your story trending and will regularly write articles about it, linking back to your site. 

This way of baiting links is one of the most powerful tools, and should routinely be followed for highly competitive industries. It can attract links that are almost impossible to get and help strengthen the authority of your site.

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