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UK Web Geekz SEO & Website Design Company

Based in Darlington we are a think outside the box - research, test and implement kind of Website Design & SEO Company. We test various methods of search engine optimisation that work within Google guidelines and implement them in a safe way to help boost your traffic and rankings.

We have a proven track record in boosting the presence of major companies down to small business start-ups using these techniques and are proud to say that many of our competitors are still not catching on to our hidden techniques. Let’s be honest we are not going to do all the research and testing for a system and then make it public for our competitors to copy.

A website design company based in Darlington, Middlesbrough, the north east and internationally with a large portfolio of websites and online assets in the UK, America and Europe. We are open and transparent with our clients so you will always know what is being done to your website and you will always be in contact with the individual that builds your website or manages your search engine optimisation campaign.

We have projects for local clients that have dominated the local search results for their niche for years and we have major corporate companies that have been ecstatic with the first page results that we have achieved for them in very competitive niches with brands like House of Frazer, John Lewis being pushed out of the way nationally for certain niches by our methods. Results that other companies they have used over the years have never been able to achieve for them.

We are happy to help local small business as well as major brands so don’t hesitate to get in touch and assume a large corporate web design and SEO Company means a better result, it simply does not. They cannot compete with the one to one system with our team members we have here like Dean Signori and would love to give you a free consultation.

No False Promises | NO Wild Claims | No Shady Tactics

Website Design Darlington | Search Engine Optimisation Darlington | Online Marketing Darlington

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Mobile Optimised Websites

We make sure we keep up to date with the latest trends in search to give you the leading edge against your competitors, these tweaks are what puts you a point closer to the top of the chosen search engine and mobile optimisation is one of those little tweaks we dont mind sharing. All of our websites now come mobile optimised as standard.


The nature of our business makes us really good at a whole range of internet marketing & related strategies but for the benefit of this page were going to keep it down to three services so as not to dilute our authority in this market.

Website Design

Website Designers

We try to make each of our designs a pitch to the end user & a hub ready to take traffic from multiple sources, this is good for your business.

SEO Services

SEO Consultants

Search engine optimisation is what we built our company for, we dig so deep into search algorythms that we truly believe we lead the field with our methods, its long term & we hide it from your competitors.

Content Marketing


There are tricks you can do with content marketing that your search & brand can benefit massively from & we have some very lucrative geek information in this area that people are not yet catching on to.

So why us?

We dont talk hype, we know how to safely take your website or other online property up each & every verticle there is online.

We Love What We Do

So we spend hours each week laying down the methods that work today & now ready for you to benefit from, no old shady tactics.

Our SEO Strategies

We are so confident we lead the way in how we do SEO that we keep it all close to our chest to protect our clients from spying competitors.

How We build

We build from the bottom up whilst always having the top in mind, whatever your budget is your site will be ready to go local or national.

Buying A Website From UK Web GeekZ

What you get is a comprehensive website tailored to your niche ready to connect to all of your social media channels & get direction from us on how to drive traffic to your site

Device Specific Layout

The website will detect the viewers device & display the best sized version to them.

Mobile Email

Aswell as having your own email address for the site you can also have your websites inbox deliver direct to your mobile.


The three most powerful & widely used web languages are at the forefront of all our builds, for maximum wow factor.

Search Engine Ready

Your website will be optimised for Google as far as on site SEO, offsite SEO is a subscription service.


Global Traffic

Cloud Droplets

Cloud Storage

Made With Love

Made with Love

Technology on the web has always been rapidly changing & keeping up with coding web standards for various languages is just part of our job.


We dont like to put a price on our work as each project is looked at individually but for the sake of standard builds here is some idea.



  • upto 4 pages
  • mailbox & 1 email account
  • mobile responsive
  • 1 year free hosting



  • upto 10 pages
  • mailbox & 2 email accounts
  • mobile responsive
  • 1 year free hosting



  • upto 15 pages
  • mailbox & 3 email accounts
  • mobile responsive
  • 1 year free hosting


“ Quality, means doing it right even when no ones looking


It takes months to find a customer & seconds to lose them


A persons goal is a dream that has a deadline, get working


We do not outsource our work we do everything in house so we know exactly how everything is tied together. You will always be one call away from the person dealing with your project

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UK Web GeekZ

Experts in SEO, website design, ecommerce and traffic/lead generation. We believe in educating clients in what we do as were working a task so that they become a part of their own business growth

Dean Signori headshot

Dean Signori

Dean is our lead tech geek with a large input into the way we approach our SEO & web design

Isla Signori

Isla Signori

The companies most sassy staff member, office comedian and morale booster

Ross Watson

Ross deals with a lot of the day to day business tending to SEO campaigns & telesales

Ross Watson headshot

Are You A Geek

Maybe you have something to offer our company, perhaps a partnership or exchange of services, dont be shy we love to hear new ideas

Webgeekz mascot

We will support you all the way from startup to expansion so dont be afraid to ask us questions or get a second oppinion on what another SEO or website design agency says.

Fully Branded Websites

We brand your site & properties for a consistent user experience

We Take Control

And take out the hard work & thinking leaving you to do what you enjoy

Easy Custmization

We build our own websites so we can customise at will to your requirements at build or a later date

Always Ringing Bells

Because we always hit our targets


Fully branded SEO

SEO has changed massively, let us brand your backlink profile

Analytical SEO

We use methods for SEO that others have not found yet

Modular Design & SEO

We have refined our service so that you can add modules at any point for SEO or design

Business is no Game

Which is why your SEO efforts need to be spot on to rank well in Google


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Please use the form to enquire about our services & we will get back to you within hours.

5-7 Amity House, Coniscliffe Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 7EE

email: [email protected]

“I have been extremely impressed with UK Web GeekZ. It has been a pleasure working with such highly creative and inovative team. ”