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In the modern world, utilising eCommerce options has become more of a must than an option. And Google Shopping Management Services have fast become the best way to get your products out there. It boasts 65% of the global retail paid search clicks so it can give you the very best option of having your products discovered by the people who want to buy them. UK Web Geekz have years of experiencing in managing large Google shopping campaigns and can quickly get your account running efficiently & profitably.


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What is Google Merchant Center?

In the past, the only option for getting your shopping ads onto Google was text-based ads. In many ways, this isn't the ideal way of delivering product information to shoppers in an easily accessible way. Google Shopping and its Merchant Center allow you to place your product info directly into Google search results through the use of shopping feeds.

The Google Merchant Center is where you put all of the information about your products, including promotions and local shopfront information. You can also view a wide range of insights using holistic reports that can help you to fine-tune your Google shopping business strategy.

Using Google Shopping campaigns allows you to have an impressive reach for customers across all Google users in over 90 countries, through both paid and unpaid channels. Shoppers can see your shopping ads directly (with a product image) including the price, sizing, review stars, and more. The information for the google ads is taken from your Google Merchant Center and you can update it as often as you like to ensure that the information is always accurate.

google shopping management services Pentyrch


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Google Shopping
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What are the benefits of using Google Shopping?

Eye-catching information

When compared to text, the visual format ads that you can use with Google Shopping are much more likely to catch the eye of potential customers, and they allow you to place the most important product information directly onto the Google search page without customers needing to click through to your website.

The shopping tab on Google Shopping is a powerful tool for customers because it doesn't just allow them to instantly see the products that are available based on their search terms, but it also allows them to click through instantly access a comparison shopping engine that will compare all of the different products in the product feed.

Custom labels

Google Shopping ads work slightly differently from text ads in terms of how they are chosen to be displayed in searches. Rather than specifying keywords that will appear in customers' search terms, you will need to create a product feed in Google Merchant Center. This feed contains all of the products that you want to advertise on Google Shopping and there are specified fields for you to include all of the relevant product attributes. Google will draw on your feed to add your product in shoppers' searches.

You can customise the labels that you use for your Google Shopping campaigns so that you can organise them in a way that helps you to prioritise the best ones to use at any given moment.

Negative keywords

One area where keywords remain important in Google Shopping management is the use of negative keywords. These help your ads to not reach an audience that won't want to see them. So if you are selling something that is a particular size, you can add negative keywords for all the other sizes to ensure that they won't show up in the wrong searches.

You can use scripts to automate this process so that you can use thousands of negative keywords for each product, which will make your Google Shopping targeting as precise as possible.

Local inventory ads

Local inventory ads allow shoppers to see the products that you have for sale in shop fronts that are local to them. They can click through on the Google ads and be taken through to your own landing page so that they can find all of the information they need for how to access the products they are looking for.

Campaign priorities

If you are using multiple campaigns then you can assign them different priorities depending on which of your products you want to sell more of. They can be high, medium, or low priority and this will affect how the products are selected by Google.

Smart shopping campaigns

Using smart shopping campaigns via Google Shopping can really help you to optimise your digital marketing. Google has some powerful machine learning behind the scenes that you can use to automate your Google Shopping in a variety of ways.

It uses your existing product data to create ads and show them across the entire Google network and it will prioritise where, when, and in what format these ads should be shown. It will also automate your bidding and you can integrate it into many of the third-party platforms that you use.

Do I need to bring in a Pentyrch Google Shopping management agency?

Some people do just fine managing their Google Shopping campaigns themselves but if you have extensive/multiple shopping campaigns or you just want to bring someone on board who has more experience with Google Shopping management, then it can be a good idea to bring in a Google Shopping agency team to help you manage your Google Shopping ads and campaigns.

What can Google Shopping management services do for me?

If you are running your Google Shopping campaigns yourself on top of running your business, you might well be relying on Google's AI and machine learning for your shopping management. These are powerful tools for your digital marketing and can definitely help you to improve your sales but they aren't perfect.

A dedicated Google Shopping management team can manually take over some of these tasks to ensure that your feed optimisation is just right and that your shopping ads are prioritising accurate and relevant information. They can also take some of the automation out of the bidding process to help improve your product margin without any necessary overspend.

Many Google Shopping services agencies can create bespoke scripts that can help you to manage your existing shopping campaigns, create reports in your Merchant Centre account, manage your campaign hierarchies, assign the most relevant negative keywords for your products, and more. They can also use these scripts to group your highest performing search terms into their own ad campaigns. You can then priorities your ad spend in that campaign so that you get a higher return on your budget.

Most Google Shopping specialists will provide you with a dedicated account manager who will work with you on your Google ads, manage your ad spend within your budget, and help you to showcase shopping ads that will give you the best chance of your products finding the right buyers in a search.

Google Shopping agency can also help by taking over other aspects of the Google Shopping work that you may not have time for. This can include monitoring the spend and conversion rate on each of your campaigns and updating your bids on the basis of that. They can also help with your ad schedule and can compile your data into comprehensive digital marketing reports so that you can get a deep understanding of the data behind how each product category and Google Shopping campaign are performing, as well as insights into your sales, spend, and revenue.

It can be easy to think of using these types of services as an unnecessary expense but they don't have to be, especially if you have a lot of products and a wide range of campaigns to take care of. While you can definitely use many of the automated services that Google provides, having a human being involved to work with each campaign and its products directly can really help to improve the performance of your Google advertising strategy. And they can help you to save money in the long run because of their ability to streamline your account and ad spend.

Google Shopping Management Pentyrch

The bottom line

Utilising Google shopping is a great way of increasing your sales and performance by reaching as many Google users as possible through each search. It allows consumers to access important product data directly while they are searching and without the need to look through your website. Creating an account is pretty easy and there is lots of help along the way with creating your product feed and campaigns, as well as how to take control of your account. You can also see important data that will help you to understand your performance and revenue. A Google Shopping management company can work on your marketing for you so that you can focus on the rest of your business. These can often be worth the price because they help you to prioritise your spending and help ensure that each campaign is optimised.


What is Google Shopping management?

Google shopping campaigns just like text ads can run up huge bills very quickly so the service needs managing to make sure you get the most bang for your money and do not waste it in the wrong area. A campaign needs constant optimisation to get the best out of it.

Is Google Shopping paid media?

Yes, Google Shopping ads do cost per click and depending on the strategy we employ depends on that cost per click. But Google Shopping ads have a free section too since early 2020 with limited coverage.

What is the difference between Google Shopping and Google Ads?

Google ads require you in most cases to do keyword research and give those keywords to the system and set bids or budgets on them. Google Shopping however uses the keywords on the page or in the data feed to show the ads to the appropriate audience.

How long does Google Shopping ads take to work?

Ultimately it depends on the age of your account and the history of any product ids in the account but generally within a few hours you will see the first impressions and those will increase over 5-7 days as it learns depending on what settings you apply.

Is Google shopping expensive?

You can set any budget you want in Google Shopping so you won’t get any unexpected bills but the amount it can cost is infinite depending on how much traffic you try and get. And the number of products you are listing.

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