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If your thinking of getting search engine optimisation done to your website/s after seeing where your website now naturally sits then this brief article may shed some light on the battlefield of SEO sales people you face and may help you to spot if they are up to date and on point with their information.

Established in early 2016 UK Web Geekz was setup in Darlington, England with the aim of providing the next generation of search engine optimisation combined with a top notch web design service not only in our hometown of Darlington but the whole of the UK initially. With ties in Middlesbrough, Durham & Newcastle we would be interested to hear what you think about the following post and how it reflects on what other SEO companies have been offering to you.

Google is forever changing its algorithms and moving the goal posts to and throw with regards to ranking websites so we have come up with a way to build your online presence in a continuous safe way. It is this method that our whole business plan is based around and it utilises all of the latest trends towards a spam free search that Google would like.

Imagine having your online marketing campaign automated and not be worried about a panda, penguin or rank brain.

For too long now SEO companies offer all types of back linking services that are just stereo typical of what`s been going on for years. Google knows this and although it cannot discount links in its ranking calculations it can filter out the spammy websites by the footprint that they leave. Every type of site has a footprint unique to its industry and this allows Google to mark certain sites as suspicious, they also use a range of other signals to judge if you are real like social interaction, phone verification, social data hub signals, click through rate and more.

We have methods that utilise the web how it is supposed to be used which has the side effect of social signals, traffic and brand authority along with the occasional link from multiple reputable authority domains. Hold on a minute is that not what Google is looking for in 2016?

Platform A does not say that you cannot advertise on Platform B and likewise Google does not say you can only advertise on PlatformX. So you are allowed to advertise on many platforms and get your brand out there, many companies miss this vital information and skip to building back-links to websites which is what Google clamps down on.

The good part is how 90% of this can be automated once the initial build is done meaning you can spread your content/brand/advertising to many places with just 1 button (we get to hit that button not you though unfortunately).

Let these following points be clear about what it is we do not do

  • We do not just post your bumf to something like buffer and get it posted to twitter, Facebook etc
  • We do not set machines building links to your sites automated or manual
  • We do not link to you from shady, spammy unhelpful websites or pages

Let these following points be clear about what it is we do

We can’t tell you all of this yet, imagine that, our local rivals will be stealing our game and being un original! Haha but seriously our whole plan is based around avoiding the strategies of the last 5 years, claiming your footprint on the web instead of trying to hide it like most SEO companies do if they are smart enough to hide it. We are basically saying to Google hey come and look at our site we are connected everywhere and we are legit. You can see what were doing for you anytime you ask were transparent with our clients.

A lot of people are probably going to want to know what and how we achieve what we say but they will just have to try and see – it works PERIOD.

"Dean is our lead tech geek with a large input into the way we approach our SEO & web design"

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